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-- Calls for Abstracts are open for 14th PCOMS.

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Prof Riaz Ahmed Warraich


I'm delighted to be a secretary at a landmark moment for the association, PAOMS provide opportunities to deliberate, discuss and chart further progress and by bringing in foreign peers, a showcase to demonstrate and exchange views, ideas and innovations in surgery. I am grateful to the International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons for teaming up with us to bring to the participants a world class conferences, which I hope will truly be a learning experience for all the participants.

Prof M Wasim Ibrahim

What We Do

PAOMS is a registered charitable association working in public interest for the uplift of speciality dealing with diseases of mouth, face, jaws and neck.

It aims to prevent oral diseases through public awareness, advance the scientific basis of OMFS and provide a platform for gathering and sharing of data and experiences through conferences and meetings.

Professional Development

PAOMS working for the professional development of maxilofacial surgeons


PAOMS organizes variour professional conferences

Study Days

PAOMS organizes various study days time to time for trainee maxilofacial surgeons